Hi, I am Adrian Miles, a Software Engineer with 9 years of dev experience.

Passionate about doing meaningful, purpose-driven work. Javascript/TypeScript, React and ReactNative expert.

Other tech: Java, MySQL, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes

Management experience:

I have 4 years of experience in management-type roles.
More specifically I have experience with:

  • Hiring and interviewing,
  • Team management,
  • Project management and,
  • Performance reviews.

More about me

I'm a product obsessed developer, always eager for user feedback. I got into programming to solve difficult problems and build solutions that make an impact.

I have a BSc and BSc Honours in Computer Science and Information systems.

I love learning and challenging myself. I try to set aside time everyday for reading and introspection.

I love animals, cooking, music (drums & guitar), running and getting caught in the rain.


Senior ReactNative contractor
Worked as a senior ReactNative engineer for UK Healthcare startup Lantum, developing core mobile app functionality.
  • React and ReactNative,
  • GraphQL,
  • Redux & Sagas,

Silverstag Consulting

2020 - Present
Project & Engineering lead
  • As a consultant, I managed, designed and developed 5 new client projects, gaining exposure to Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Fintech, Crowd Sourcing and Activity tracking industries.
  • Established new hiring and interview practices,
  • Transformed web development approach and practices for all new web-based projects.

Giraffe (acquired)

2016 - 2020
Lead developer
  • Lead the development of flagship employer platform, used by 1000s of employers to screen, interview and hire candidates.
  • Helped design, build, deploy and scale jobseeker platform, used by millions of job seekers, with hundreds of daily sign-ups.
  • Created interview process, interviewing potential hires and guiding technical staffing requirements.
  • As lead developer, I was involved with stakeholder engagement, defining product KPIs and technical direction of the product and company.


2015 - 2016
Software Engineer
  • Lead the development for award winning share trading platform, EasyEquities.co.za , used by over 1 million people.
  • Oversaw the growth of development team to 5 members, enabling more features to built more quickly and improving Sprint velocity.